In the JP and KO tabs, you will find the list of song tabs, each one containing:

  • The name of the artist/group
  • The name of the song
  • The music’s level of difficulty

We divided the level of difficulty into 5 parts, taking into consideration not only the complexity level of the chords, but also the rhythm to accompany the lyrics.

The tab was also divided into 3 columns to provide a cleaner look. (see image below)

Meet our new time signature system!

It is divided in mathematically calculated dotted lines, based on the music sheet, aiming to unite the practicality of a tablature with the precision of a music sheet.

The number of dots is based on the different time signatures: 4/4; 3/4; 6/8; etc.
And it can also be altered in case there is a note represented by 2 digits- guitar’s 10th fretboard and forth, or by notes in which the musical figure is equivalent to one space on the dotted line or less, like shown in ( Image 1 ) representing an arpeggio.
The final result will be a clean and precise look, as far as what is being played, making it easier to read and play as the song goes on.

Also, our tabs are projectable. Just hover your mouse over the "show tab" button to open the tab.

(Image 1)

Tab Symbols:
h Hammer on
p Pull off
/ or \ Slide
trm Tremolo
tr Trill
b Bend
r Release
h.n. Natural harmonic
<> Artificial harmonic
wb Whammy bar
x Rest

(Image 2)