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We are implementing a new tab system with musical scores as our point of reference.
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5 tips for begginer piano players:

1. Hand and Fingers shape

Keep your fingers always curled like you were holding a tenis ball. don’t let
your phalanx bend. also, dont let your hand way below the keyboard. this can cause
injuries and mess up your playing.

2. Hand Movement through keyboard

As your progressing through an scale or arpeggio, try keeping your fingers as close
to each other as possible. don’t stretch your fingers apart more than necessary
cause it can mess it up some passage or solo you’re trying to play.

5 things i wanted to know as a fresh guitarist

1. Dedicating some time on a dialy bases is way better than studying once a week for 5-6 hours straight.
surely studying many hours a day is beneficial. but if you don’t have
all that time available, just studying in a daily bases with focus will get you where you want to be.

2. Related to the first topic, studying with focus is way more valuable than just do
half an hour of exercises you’re not even paying attention about. try to think about
what you’re doing and ways that you can make the exercise more musical.