Privacy Policy

On this page you will find our privacy policies complementary to our Terms of
Use that are applied to our website - Oriental Chords. We present what data we
store, how we collect it, who it is shared with and what is done to protect it.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information related to the identified or identifiable natural
person. As an example, we can consider name, e-mail address, telephone
number or a state driver’s license info as personal data. If it is also possible to
identify a natural person using data such as origin, religion, data relating to
health or sexual orientation, these also become sensitive personal data and
should receive the same attention as the others.

How and what data do we collect from you?

In order for you to have access to personalized content and a more efficient
navigation flow on our website and application, we collect and store the
following data:
• Through the use of cookies: cookies are small text files sent and stored in your
computer. With them we are able to recognize, track and store your browsing
data as a user on the Internet, enabling us to offer personalized content
according to your tastes and offer advertisement that best fit your profile. In
general, we use cookies to:
(i) deliver personalized content and have access to your information; (ii) offer
advertisement according to contents that are more relevant to you on the
Cookies are used to further improve your experience using our services, but you
can block them in your browser settings. If you would like to do that, the
instructions for each of the main browsers follow below:

• Internet Explorer:

• Microsoft Edge:

• Google Chrome:

• Safari:

How do we use this data?

When using our website and features owned by us, we use the registration data
provided for the following purposes:
• Provide, customize and improve the experience with our services. This makes
it possible to provide you with personalized content, individualized or adapted
to your location, recommendations, features and publicity;
• Understand and analyze the use of our services, in order to observe behaviors
and usage trends to develop new products and services;

With whom do we share this data?

Ad Networks

For targeting advertising according to your profile as long as you have the use of
cookies allowed in your browser.

Information Technology Service Providers

To (i) provide cloud services for our platform; (ii) host the contents. In these
circumstances, your data will be stored and processed on third-party platforms,
which may be located in Brazil or abroad.


To carry out analysis concerning audience, reach and relevance of our services.

Business partners

To improve our services and expand and develop new businesses in order to
improve your experience and deliver even higher quality content.

Governmental Authorities (Police authorities, public authorities or any
other governmental organization)

To comply with legal, judicial and administrative provisions and also to comply
with official authority letters. And also to take or provoke legal, judicial and
administrative measures aimed at defending our rights provided for in this
Privacy Policy and in our Terms of Use.

How do we protect this data?

Our measures to preserve your data against unauthorized access, use,
alteration, disclosure or destruction include physical and logical protection of
assets, encrypted communications, management over access, adherence to
secure software development and internal compliance policies that embed
security in the life cycle of our services.

All of these policies are periodically reviewed to ensure that they are safe and
up to date with the various threats that frequently appear on the internet. In
any case, it is not possible to guarantee that our systems are totally
tamper-resistant. For this reason, we have teams prepared to act promptly in
the event of an incident.