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1. Free of charge

The services and features offered by us on our website are entirely free, and it is
for our users to make any payments.

2. Registration

If you have already read and agreed to these Terms of Use and this is your first
time accessing our website, you can continue to browse freely, without having
to register, visiting all pages available to non-registered users.

3. Data protection

We compromise not to use the information provided by you to carry out illegal
activities, but only for those expressly permitted by Brazilian law and / or these
Terms of Use.

In any case, the hypotheses of mandatory record keeping or aggregated and
non-identifiable data is reserved, as provided for the Civil Rights Framework for
the Internet, Act 12.965 of April 23rd 2014 (Marco Civil da Internet - Law
12.965/2014), for statistical purposes.

4. Cookies

We may use a mechanism for installing cookies on your computer when you
access our sites, in order to personalize your experience. That is, the use of
cookies does not have the potential to harm you; on the contrary, they facilitate
the use of our website.

Content posting

It is important to clarify that we at Oriental Chords are mere "application
providers", according to the terms of the Civil Rights Framework for the
Internet. In other words, we are simply the owners of the website. Our mission
is to spread knowledge, exercising clear musical training activity, inspired by the
maximum precepts of democratization and universality of education.

Our responsibility is limited, it is important to say, to removing content from our
domain, whenever we come to receive a specific court order in this regard. This
is a result of Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Art. 19th). We even
suggest that you read the next topic in the Terms of Use, which deals with the
procedure for removing content from our domain.

5. Copyright Infringement Report

If any person or company understands that certain content posted by one of our
administrators violates their copyright or personality rights, they can send us an
email (support@orientalchords.com), describing the fact, accurately indicating
all URLs (links) that contain the respective contents and proving the quality of
holder of that right by suitable means.

Although Rights Framework for the Internet only requires for an application
provider to remove content after receiving a specific court order, we reserve
the right to remove content even without receiving a court order, whenever we
detect a situation that may consist of a serious violation of rights. This does not
mean, however, that we are liable for damages resulting from the maintenance
of the content after receiving a notification or e-mail informing the alleged
violation. No, removing the content before receiving a court order is a
prerogative, a right of ours, not exactly an obligation.

6. Obligations assumed by users

By using our website, you undertake never to: (a) violate copyright or the rights
of the personality of others; (b) use any prospecting methods or similar
methods of extracting data; (c) manipulate or in any way present the website or
content using “framing” or similar navigation technology; (d) share, disclose
unlawful or prohibited material or harass, slander, insult or defame any person
or company; (e) spread information about illegal activities and incite crime; (f)
make available content that has a discriminatory nature of any kind, such as
ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other; (g) create a false identity or
use subterfuge to deceive others or obtain benefits; (h) send unsolicited
advertising material, including spam, junk mail, chain letters, direct mail or
pyramids to third parties; and (i) use the website for purposes other than those
for which it was created.

7. Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of our website
or the content contained therein, or for the unavailability of the websites or the
content, including, but not limited to, lost profits and emergent damages, moral
and material. We do not guarantee, either, that the functions incorporated or
existing on the website are available without interruption or without errors.
There is still no guarantee that the site or its contents are free from infection by
viruses or anything that has contaminating or destructive properties.
We will use every effort to ensure the accuracy, correctness and reliability of
our websites, but we make no guarantees to that effect.
We further declare ourselves exempt from any responsibility for the content or
availability of information contained in the search index offered on our website,
as well as for the accuracy of any search results.

We are not responsible for any violation of personality rights, copyrights,
related rights and trademark and industrial property rights, resulting from any
content available on our website, nor by the nature of such content, committing
itself only to remove that content that is the object of a well-founded suspicion
of violation of rights of any kind, following the system established in these
Terms of Use.

Any reference to products, services, processes or other information in relation
to third parties, indicating a trade name, brand, manufacturer, supplier or
others, does not constitute or imply an endorsement, sponsorship or
recommendation by us.

8. Tolerance

No omission or delay on our part in exercising our rights provided for in these
Terms of Use, in our other policies or provided by law, implies or means waiver
of its exercise.

9. Changes to the Terms of Use

The Terms of Use can be modified and updated by us freely, at any time, with
the aim of adapting them to the legislative news or even to insert new
commercial practices. The changes will take effect immediately, unless another
deadline has been indicated in the new version of the Terms of Use. It is
important, therefore, that you always read this document before using our
website. It may contain a change that you disagree with. After all, your
continued use of our website, after the changes have been posted, will
constitute your full tacit acceptance of such changes.

10. Legislation and Applicable Forum

Although, technically, our site can be accessed from any part of the planet, our
relationship with the users of our sites will always be, under any circumstances
and regardless of the location from which the service is being accessed, subject
to the Brazilian Legislation, in particular to the Code Of Consumer Defense And
Protection (Código de Defesa e Proteção do Consumidor – Lei 8.078/1990), the
Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Marco Civil da Internet – Lei
12.965/2014) and these Terms of Use
In order to resolve any doubts or controversies arising from its use or from its
content, the Central Forum of the Region of the Capital of the State of Rio de
Janeiro is hereby elected, except for another privileged forum determined by